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19 Apr

The Man Who Knew Infinity : a life of the genius Ramanujan

9 Apr

The Man Who Knew Infinity : a life of the genius Ramanujan

by Robert Kanigel

Published by hachitte India

pages : 438

category : Biography

Class No : 925 RAM/B

Status : Available for Circulation





Chintasaristsagaram : Namme Nityam Prachodipikunna 366 Mahathya Chintakal

5 Apr

Chintasaristsagaram : Namme Nityam Prachodipikunna 366 Mahathya Chintakal
Published by DC Books
12 Volumes Now Available with library
Vol 1 Sree Bhagavdgeeta
Vol 2 Sree Budhan
Vol 3 Narma Chindakal
Vol 4.Viswaprasida Chindakal
Vol 5 Raveendranath Tagore
Vol 6 Ramana Maharshi
Vol 7 Sreenaryana Guru
Vol 8 Osho
Vol 9 Thirukurul
Vol 10 Upanishad Vachangal
Vol 11 Mahatma Gandhi
Vol 12 Swami Vivekanandan

Each volume contains 366 inspirational write up in the form of daily bread book format. 

I request you all to go through the book at the earliest. The book is available for circulation from today onward. 

Prijith Jacob Thomas


Some Interesting Website for Students ( compiled by B.S. Warrior)

5 Apr


15 Year Old Girl Launches Web Company ( Deccan Chronicle News 04-04-2013)

4 Apr


Welcome Dear Freinds

21 Mar

Dear all,

We are living in information age where knowledge is the most important commodity. With the advancement in the information technology the mode of communication is also changing. We are in a transition  from traditional paper / document format to electronic format. This  is an effort of  MACFAST library to develop a blog for conducting book reviews, technical discussion, sharing of website, study materials websites , social book marking , discussion on  social issues etc. I request you all to contribute to this blog by mailing me the materials to be blogged and actively participate in discussion by posting comments.  Please ensure that the post and comments are not intended for hurting persons or any institution. Please avoid  sensitive issues and political matters. Expecting  contributions and supports from you all.


Prijith Jacob Thomas